Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Publisher To Work With

Alexandra Press could not afford to publish my book in the end.
Two other publishers have expressed interest, but the one I am
likely go with is Fineline Press in New Zealand.

In fact, Fineline Press has already published one Japan on Foot
story in the book Forty Stories Of Japan.

I have to do some rewriting, but once that is done I am confident
that the book will finally be published. Have to say that getting
the book published has proved to be far more arduous than
the walk :-)


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Mary King/Radio Presenter & Multimedia Journalist said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed this. You might really enjoy the book Japan on Foot too. It's available as an ebook on Amazon and as a print book through Fine Line Press, New Zealand. And, if you have an interest in Japan you might enjoy a blog I did a few years back for my MA studies :