Monday, December 26, 2011

Japan on Foot book Now Published

My book Japan on Foot has finally come off the presses. Published by FineLine Press in New Zealand, the book tells of my 7,500-km "roving reporter" walk through Japan. I uncover aspects of Japan that are rarely, if ever, talked about.

You'll find culture, history, myths and legends, as well as enjoy reading the adventures and rigours of walking 15 months around Japan's five main islands and some of its smaller ones. Meanwhile, on this blog you can read some of the stories I wrote for Look Japan magazine and website while out walking the roads of Japan, but do know that the book is a far different (and better) beast than this blog.

Some of the people you will meet in the book include the indigenous Ainu, the Buraku people (long considered outcasts in Japan), bear hunters, farmers, Buddhist monks, pilgrims, shamens and yakuza. You'll learn about the so-called tombs of Moses and Jesus in Japan, the world's oldest dolls, Living Buddhas, haunted houses, UFOs, love hotels and meet a scientist who is planning to resurrect the woolly mammoth and a geologist who claims that off the shores of Okinawa lies the ruins of a lost civilization.

Order the book Japan on Foot NOW!

If you are in Tokyo in mid-May come and join me at one of the book launch parties.


Anonymous said...

HI Mary,

Just finished reading your story today. I enjoyed it very much and I'm glad to know more about the Ainu and the hidden christians of Japan. Some hilarious or unbelievable stories too, very well written. Thanks Mary. Laurent from new-zealand.

Mary King/Radio Presenter & Multimedia Journalist said...

Hi Laurent, sorry it's taken me a while to respond. Thanks for reading the blog. I'm really happy you enjoyed it and found it rewarding. I hope you might enjoy the book too. It's available as an ebook or print book. It's much better written and has a lot more information in it. Best wishes to you. Have you lived or travelled in Japan? If not, I hope you get the chance some day. It's a fantastic country. Truly amazing.